Day One



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Opening remarks from Chair

Kylie Davis
Executive Director
Proptech Association Australia

Benchmarking your business against industry best practice to stay ahead of the pack

International overview of trends in PropTech and their impact for the real estate sector
  • Practical innovation and what’s next for PropTech – emerging trends
  • What are the big developments globally?
  • Changing expectations of level of services, transparency and sustainability and how technology is driving (and responding to) this change

James Dearsley
Unissu (UK)

What PropTech will Australia adopt now and in future?

• Evolving trends in the Australian market and how the sector is responding to recent disruption
• Recognizing the uniqueness of the Australian market and impact of those factors
• Assessing the impact of IoT, AI, Data Platforms and Robotic Process Automation solutions

Kathleen Stubbs
Chief Information Officer (Australasia)
Successfully integrating PropTech into commercial real estate businesses

Finding the right way forward – should PropTech be an enabler or disruptor?
  • Separating the gimmicks from the game changers
  • Investing in the cultural change and new skill sets required to ensure better outcomes
  • Assessing current pain points to decide whether they can be resolved with increased efficiency or radical change

Dan Evans
National Head of Property Services 
Macquarie Bank

Take a break and connect with other attendees

Identifying the appropriate PropTech and working with developers to implement it effectively
  • Why Brisbane is ensuring business precincts are state of the art
  • Winnowing through the explosion of new concepts to find the diamonds
  • Defining your needs so you can accurate gauge how appropriate specific offering are going to be
  • Working with a developer to adjust a tech to make it suitable for your specific needs

Isaac Coonan
Senior Industry Development Manager, Technology 
Brisbane Economic Development Agency

PANEL DISCUSSION – How do you avoid screwing up PropTech implementation?
  • How can you bridge the gap between a tech ‘solution’ and actual real estate practice?
  • Who are the key internal stakeholders and how do you get their support?
  • What tools/benchmarks can be used to demonstrate PropTech’s improvements in efficiency/profitability?


Kylie Davis
Executive Director
Proptech Association Australia

Isaac Coonan

Senior Industry Development Manager, Technology
Brisbane Economic Development Agency

Sheridan Ware
Chief Information and Technology Officer 
Charter Hall

Phillip Yang
Head of Centre Technology
Scentre Group

Daniele Gambero
Deputy President
Malaysia Proptech Association

Scott Willson
Chief Executive Officer


Achieving measurable ROI from PropTech

Reimagining the digital customer journey for property businesses
  • The effects of the changing digital landscape on the property industry
  • How have customer expectations shifted in the mobile world and why?
  • Exploring a new model for delivering premier service to customers on digital channels
  • The value of providing a digitally engaging, interactive experience to customers in the property industry

Jacopo De Simone
Solution Consultant

  • Why are you investing in Proptech? Sometimes the non-tangible ROI can be just as effective as the fiscal tangible outcomes
  • Prepare for the change that the technology you're investing in enables.
  • Does your current infrastructure allow ROI on the Proptech you're investing in?

Grant Fowler
Chief Executive Officer
DIVVY Parking

PANEL DISCUSSION: How do you get a measurable ROI from property management technology?
  • What are the practical outcomes property management technology can actually achieve?
  • Is it better to build in flexibility or should there be concrete KPIs?
  • What are the benchmarks that a buyer/user can put in place to assess the success of a specific technology?


Kylie Davis
Executive Director
Proptech Association Australia


Julian Kezelman
Program Director, RealTechX
Taronga Ventures

Daniel Lepore
Head of Asset Technology
AMP Capital

Ewan Morton
Managing Director
Morton Real Estate

Ben Veale
Partner, Head of Asset Management Services (Victoria)
Knight Frank Australia

David Bowie
Senior Vice President and Managing Director 
MRI Software

Closing remarks from the chair

End day one