• Sonya Alexander
    Head of Workplace Strategy Consulting, APAC Region, JLL

    Session: PANEL DISCUSSION: How can proptech help navigate the latest challenges and opportunities in the Australian real estate industry?

    Session: Maximising workspace utilisation, shared spaces & proptech’s role in responding to evolving occupant perspectives

    Sonya Alexander is the Head of Workplace Strategy Consulting, APAC Region within JLL. She enjoys collaborating with clients and teams, inspiring and facilitating creative solutions that set strategies and drive high performing workplaces.

    Her process aims to utilise right to left thinking to work with industry leaders who want to achieve intelligent and long-lasting workplace solutions. Using strategic approach with those who need to look at their organisation from a broader prospective or using deep-dive methodologies in any industry they represent.

    She knows that many are scratching their heads and wondering 'where to now?' when discussing office occupancy and utilisation. Her session ‘Maximising Workspace Utilisation, Shared Spaces & Proptech’s Role In Responding To Evolving Occupant Perspectives’ will explore the context around legislative changes and how the world of work continues to evolve. She will explore the human motivations, the technological advances at play and the ultimate value of spaces.

  • Kristy Bartlett
    General Manager Innovation and Transformation, Investa Property Group

    Session: PANEL DISCUSSION: How can you protect your proptech investment by successfully identifying, selecting, and implementing proptech?

    Kristy Bartlett is the General Manager Innovation and Transformation within Investa. She is driven to make a positive impact in the world, and she thrives on applying her entrepreneurial and strategic capabilities to complex adaptive challenges. She is a passionate learner and collaborator, working to connect people, knowledge and ideas in ways that empower, ignite innovation and create sustainable outcomes for all stakeholders

  • Julia Batterley
    Managing Director – Real Estate Management Services, Colliers

    Session: ‘Nice to have’ vs ‘need to have’ – what tenants really want & expect in 2024 and the proptech solutions that will attract them

    Julia Batterley is the Managing Director,  Real Estate Management Services in Colliers.

    Julia has over 20 years’ experience in the Real Estate industry and has extensive experience in all aspects of Property Management.  She has a focus on building strong relationships with all stakeholders, meticulous financial management, proactive tenant retention strategies and future proofing assets.  She supports the REMS NSW team to develop tailored asset management plans focused on delivering our clients investment objectives and increasing asset values through proactive management, improving building efficiencies and proactive capital expenditure programs.  

    Julia started with Colliers in 2010 and has had various roles within REMS during that time.  Julia’s current role as Head of Office Management is focused on the strategic growth of the national Office portfolio as well as ensuring a high level of service delivery across the NSW Commercial and Industrial portfolio.  Julia works with our State Directors to implement business growth strategies, a nationalised approached to client deliverables and ensures that REMS is constantly delivering service that exceeds our clients’ expectations through a proactive management approach.

  • Kylie Davis
    Founder & President, Proptech Association Australia

    Session: Breaking down the major global proptech trends, what’s coming to Australia & how to prepare

    Kylie Davis is a serial entrepreneur, futurist and presenter on proptech and innovation in real estate. She is the host of the Proptech Podcast, founder of The Proptech Association Australia and a co-founder of content marketing automation proptech HomePrezzo which was acquired by ActivePipe this year.

    Kylie has an MBA from the University of NSW and a 25-year career across media and big data, holding senior editorial and marketing roles at Fairfax, News Corp and CoreLogic. Her research into real estate consumer experiences has set the benchmark for behaviourial performance.

    Kylie is a highly sought-after speaker both in Australia and overseas. She is a director of Property Investment Professionals Australia and consults to a range of technology companies including OpenAgent, ActivePipe and Dynamic Methods. Kylie was a finalist in the thought leadership category of the 2019 REB Women in Real Estate Awards.

  • Jennifer Di Bartolomeo
    Head of Asset Services, Place & Experience – Office, Charter Hall

    Session: Customer Experience Case Study: The intersection of space, services, amenities and technology at 555 Collins Street

    Jennifer Di Bartolomeo is Head of Asset Services, Place & Experience – Office at Charter Hall. Jennifer’s session will demonstrate how genuine partnerships with workspace hospitality and technology companies are pivotal to CX. She will provide insights on how Charter Hall partnered with Hub Australia to create a hospitality-based service foundation to CX at 555 Collins Street, and how technology underpinned the experience.

  • Tom Ellis
    Portfolio Manager, REACH Australia

    Session: PANEL DISCUSSION: How can proptech help navigate the latest challenges and opportunities in the Australian real estate industry?

    Session: ROUNDTABLE 1: Leveraging data analytics and predictive insights: improving strategies, decision-making and property performance

    Session: Creating opportunities in the build to rent sector through proptech

    Tom Ellis is an experienced professional with a background in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, and private equity. He has played a key role in the launch and success of multiple businesses across the financial services, technology, and manufacturing industries.

    He played a pivotal role in setting up a family office for a large, private family with deep links to China, before forming Capital & Advisory, a company focused on providing M&A strategy and corporate advice.

    In addition to his work in the financial sector, Tom has also been heavily involved with emerging companies having worked in business development, leadership, and sales.

    At REACH Australia, Tom serves as an Entrepreneur in Residence and Portfolio Manager where he is responsible for overseeing the portfolio as a whole.

  • Paul Fitzpatrick
    General Manager – Technology, Iglu

    Session: Uncovering the top technology priorities for successful student living communities

    Session: PANEL DISCUSSION: How can you protect your proptech investment by successfully identifying, selecting, and implementing proptech?

    Paul Fitzpatrick is the General Manager- Technology at Iglu. He will be sharing insights on the top technology priorities for successful student living communities, and procurement strategies to protect your proptech investment.

    He is an experienced IT executive and strategic leader with a proven track record of driving innovation and delivering transformative technology solutions. With 15+ years of experience in the property industry and board-level expertise, he has led global teams to successfully launch new products and increase revenue while maintaining a competitive advantage.

    His skills include traditional and agile project management, financial planning and management, vendor and portfolio management, and information security and risk management.

    His accomplishments include achieving ISO27001 accreditation, launching an innovative virtual inspection solution, and delivering a multi-million dollar portfolio of valuations using Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

  • Dr. Sean Gallagher
    Founder, Humanova

    Session: How will Generative AI impact property? It starts with work

    Dr. Sean Gallagher is the founder of Humanova and one of Australia’s leading experts on the future of work. He focuses on how technology transforms how work gets done, and how to accelerate human capability to drive value creation for organisations. He led the Centre for the New Workforce at Swinburne University for six years.

    His website can be found here

    • With a natural ability to guide leaders through uncertainty, he empowers them to recognise the solution starts with leadership. Through tailored, evidence-informed engagements with clients, he simplifies complexity and helps them determine their future direction and the first steps to take
    • Sean has outstanding expertise on generative AI, leading the first research on the impact of GenAI on knowledge work in Australia with partners Deloitte. “GenAI & the Future of Human Work” will be published shortly. He developed the first short course on GenAI with a focus on business productivity and has worked with companies and government agencies on the integration of GenAI
    • His research insights into hybrid work models - the need to structure and program work - have set a standard that aligns closely with the strategies later embraced independently by McKinsey and Microsoft
    • Across GenAI and hybrid work, Sean has supported thousands of leaders spanning both private and public sectors and has led engagements with dozens of organisations, including Westpac, Spirit Super, ANZ, Mirvac, the Victoria Department of Transport, Regional Development Australia, QBE and AMP
    • His future of work research has been published by Mirvac and WORKTECH Academy, endorsed by APEC, Richard Branson, cited by the Fair Work Commission, and shaped federal legislation (Secure Jobs, Better Pay 2022) and Victorian government policy on the gig economy. He is a member of AHRI’s Future of Work Advisory Panel and the Australian Cobotics Centre in the human-robot workforce program
    • He has a PhD in chemistry and was awarded the RACI Cornforth Medal for the best chemistry or chemistry-related PhD in Australia. He has been a researcher at Stanford University and the University of Southern California
  • Tim Halpin
    Director, Global Property and Facilities, Afterpay

    Session: PANEL DISCUSSION: How can proptech help navigate the latest challenges and opportunities in the Australian real estate industry?

    Tim Halpin is the Director, Global Property and Facilities at Afterpay.

    He is a transformational Project Director with 20+ years’ experience in various project management environments. He has led large national and multi-national operations across Europe, the UK and Australia, and has significant experience in design, construction, and real estate. His expertise extends across various industry sectors such as FinTech, property, manufacturing, and automotive.

    Throughout his career, he has gained significant strategic management expertise in project costing, quality, consultant, risk, and contract management, in addition to financial management and senior executive reporting with cost centre accountability of more than $30M.

    He is inspired by finding different ways to continually enhance productivity and this is achieved by motivating multi-disciplinary and diverse teams through individual coaching and linking team performance to organisational strategy.

  • Lisa Harries
    Head of Real Estate & Planning, News Corp Australia

    Session: PANEL DISCUSSION: What key tech innovations can be used to solve today’s residential real estate expectations and challenges?

    With a proven track record, Lisa Harries is a management and integration professional with experience in the media industry under News Corps' community and youth publications and Pacific Magazines youth brands. She thrives in creative environments that push boundaries and inspire.

  • Letitia Hope
    Head of Property Experience, ISPT

    Session: PANEL DISCUSSION: How can proptech help navigate the latest challenges and opportunities in the Australian real estate industry?

    Session: 477 Pitt St, the home of a collaborative & connected community

    Letitia Hope is a dynamic Strategy and Experience Specialist at ISPT, where she spearheads innovative approaches to creating exceptional property experiences. With a Master's degree in Positive Psychology from Melbourne University, Letitia blends her academic background with over a decade of industry experience to drive success in partnership ecosystems.

    Drawing on her extensive industry networks and engaging advocacy strategies, Letitia excels in managing stakeholder relationships to achieve positive outcomes for people, places, organisations, and the planet. Her leadership extends beyond ISPT, as she serves as the Co-Chair of Flexible Workspace Australia, further contributing to shaping industry discourse and practices.

    Recognised as a thought leader, Letitia's expertise is sought after, making her a compelling speaker and expert panelist. Her passion for enhancing the built environment through collaboration and innovation underscores her commitment to redefining property experiences for the betterment of all stakeholders.

    Letitia is dedicated to driving change in the way people experience property ownership and property more broadly. Through her strategic initiatives and forward-thinking approach, she aims to transform traditional perceptions and practices, fostering environments that are inclusive, sustainable, and enriching for all.

  • Julian Kezelman
    Innovation Director, Taronga Ventures

    Session: PANEL DISCUSSION: How can you protect your proptech investment by successfully identifying, selecting, and implementing proptech?

    Julian is responsible for supporting the growth of Taronga Group portfolio companies and the adoption of innovation by partnered corporates in the real estate and built environment sectors.

    Julian has a background in corporate innovation advisory. He has designed and delivered programs using different leading methods, including open innovation, new venture design and incubators and accelerators, within real estate, financial services, retail and government.

    He has also designed commercialisation programs for research & development corporations and has developed entrepreneurship programs for tertiary institutions.

  • Stephen Macdonald
    Partner, The Proptech Connection

    Session: Gathering the workspace utilisation data you need to optimise workplace planning

    Stephen is a Managing Partner of The Proptech Connection and is based in Sydney, Australia. Stephen has led the engagement and delivery of Proptech strategies for the world’s leading real estate companies.

    Leveraging his experience in real estate and Proptech venture capital, his focus is on how data and tech can drive project returns.

    His assessment of over 2,000 Proptech and Cleantech solutions, gives him a unique lens into technology assessment, deployment and value optimization.

  • Benjamin Martin-Henry
    Head of Real Estate Research, Pacific, MSCI

    Session: The macroeconomic and real estate industry outlook in Australia in 2024

    Ben is Head of Real Estate Research for the Pacific region at MSCI and is responsible for producing thought leadership for the benefit of MSCI’s clients, covering both the major property sectors and newly emerging ones.

    Ben has over a decade’s worth of experience in Australia, and the UK across investment analysis, research, strategy, and product development applied within the property sector. In addition, he has expertise in property sector performance metrics, macroeconomic and financial market data interpretation, and product development.

    Ben began his career at IPD in London (now MSCI), where he worked predominantly in research. Upon transferring to the Sydney office, Ben took on the role of Client Consultant for the Asia Pacific region. Benjamin then moved to CBRE, where he was Head of Capital Markets, Office & BTR within CBRE Research for over five years, before moving to RCA to be Head of Analytics for the Pacific region.

  • Connor McCauley
    Head of Sustainability – Australia and New Zealand, JLL

    Session: Solving unavoidable ESG & sustainability challenges – Identifying the ‘must have’ proptech solutions

    Connor is the Head of Sustainability at JLL. He has over 15 years of experience across diverse roles in the sustainability/ESG field. As Head of Sustainability for JLL in Australia, he is responsible for embedding sustainability services into our Office Leasing, Industrial & Logistics and Property Asset Management businesses in Australia & New Zealand and assisting JLL’s clients in setting and achieving their ESG ambitions. Connor also recently held the position of Operations Director for JLL’s APAC sustainability consulting practice, where he was responsible for day-to-day operations, global reporting, and recruitment for the regional team. Connor is also responsible for aligning JLL’s people and our clients to our purpose to shape the future of real estate for a better world. Connor is a member of JLL’s Australasian Executive Committee.

  • Samantha McLean
    Co-Founder & Managing Editor, Elite Agent

    Session: Masterclass B: AI and automation fundamentals for property professionals

    Session: ROUNDTABLE 3: The latest smart building, smart home and IoT integration trends to boost outcomes

    Session: PANEL DISCUSSION: What key tech innovations can be used to solve today’s residential real estate expectations and challenges?

    Samantha McLean is the founder of Elite Agent, an independent and forward-thinking media company on a mission to elevate the real estate industry through hype-free news, education, and community building. With a decade of experience at the helm, Samantha has steadfastly guided Elite Agent by adhering to their core values of "Elevate, Educate, Entertain", focusing on being a positive force that uplifts the industry.

    Under Samantha's leadership, Elite Agent has received significant recognition, including two Mumbrella Business Magazine of the Year awards in 2016 and 2020. Samantha herself is a three-time recipient of Mumbrella's Business Magazine Editor of the Year title in 2015, 2018, and 2020, showcasing her exceptional leadership and industry impact.

    As Elite Agent moves into its second decade, Samantha is passionate about exploring the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in real estate. While she believes that AI can provide productivity gains and competitive advantages, Samantha emphasises the importance of leveraging the time saved to focus on the irreplaceable human elements of the business. Her advice is to use AI to supercharge efforts in lead generation, conversion, and communication while never forgetting that humans will always be the most critical aspect of the transaction.

    With her forward-thinking approach and commitment to industry advancement, Samantha McLean continues to be a driving force in the real estate sector, inspiring professionals to embrace innovation while maintaining a strong focus on human connections. Visit eliteagent.com, aipoweredagents.com

  • Liam Murray
    Board Member, Sustainable Digitalisation Project

    Session: PANEL DISCUSSION: How can proptech help navigate  the latest challenges and opportunities in the Australian real estate industry?

    Session: Using proptech to minimise the economic and operational challenges of vacant spaces

    Session: PANEL DISCUSSION: How can you protect your proptech investment by successfully identifying, selecting, and implementing proptech?

    Liam Murray isa board memberof the Sustainable Digitalisation Project, CEO and founder of Build-Apps, a proptech company that provides a single source of truth for commercial real estate portfolio data. Build-Apps is a Microsoft Integrated Services Vendor (ISV) headquartered in Brisbane, Australia. Liam’s technological brainchild, Build-Apps, is a cloud-based Microsoft 365-integrated, smart real estate portfolio solution for the built environment designed to help commercial real estate owners and property developers identify sustainability-improvement pathways to achieve their specific goals. Born 18 months ago from Liam’s sister company, Building-Performance, Build-Apps has already executed over 100 deployments supporting $4 billion in assets for their clients, including 25 real estate investment trusts and funds, and property portfolio owners. Together, his two companies have assisted property owners in managing over $52 billion worth of property.

  • Grant Philip
    CEO & Founder, Office Hub

    Session: Proptech powering the CRE industry to take on the world of flex

    Grant Philipp is the CEO of Office Hub, the world's No.1 coworking, serviced, and shared office marketplace. With over 30 years of experience in business leadership and a proven track record in innovation, strategy, and sales, he has emerged as an outspoken voice and a leading profile in the flexible workspace industry.

    In 2014, Grant founded Office Hub with a vision to revolutionize commercial real estate. Since then, he has spearheaded its growth and evolution, and today Office Hub is recognized as a global Proptech frontrunner.

    As a thought-leader, Grant is committed to sharing his insights and expertise with the world to make the industry more dynamic and efficient through ai, data and innovation.

  • John Preece
    Chief Property Officer, Hub Australia

    Session: Customer Experience Case Study: The intersection of space, services, amenities and technology at 555 Collins Street

    John is a commercial real estate professional with a passion for tackling complex business issues in order to develop and implement workplace solutions for owners and occupiers of office space. He is fascinated by the opportunities presented for knowledge workers across the globe by the magnitude and pace of change occurring in work practices, as we progress through the steppingstone of hybrid working, and towards truly liberated working.

    John joined Hub Australia to lead the property team in early 2018. John has developed a strong multi-disciplinary skill set through various roles in the property industry with CBRE, DTZ, Knight Frank, and Hub Australia, both in Australia and in Europe. He has held a range of senior positions across project management, occupier solutions and office leasing, as well as running Knight Frank’s multi-disciplinary North Shore business in Sydney. John is a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), a Class 1 licenced real estate agent, and a speaker at property and workplace industry events.

  • Vanessa Rader
    Head of Research, Ray White

    Session: PANEL DISCUSSION: What key tech innovations can be used to solve today’s residential real estate expectations and challenges?

    Vanessa Rader, Ray White's head of research, is one of Australia's leading property experts with over 20 years of experience. She provides market commentary across various media outlets and contributes to Ray White's publications, including hosting the commercial webinar "Between the Lines Live." Her extensive background includes senior research and consulting positions in commercial agencies, valuation firms, and developer groups. Vanessa has been involved in high-value government consulting, investor due diligence, and market analysis projects.

    Holding a Bachelor of Commerce in Property Economics and a Masters of Property Development, Vanessa brings academic rigor to her role. As Head of Research at Ray White, she delivers comprehensive analysis of various asset classes across Australia and New Zealand's property markets and economy. Vanessa is particularly noted for her expertise in niche markets such as strata, health sciences, childcare, and cold storage, often overlooked in broader property research. Her insights cover commercial, special use, and residential property sectors, making her a valuable industry resource.

  • Tim Sondalini
    Data Analytics Lead, Hesperia

    Session: PANEL DISCUSSION: What key tech innovations can be used to solve today’s residential real estate expectations and challenges?

    Session: Revolutionising property management: automation, analytics, and the future of generative AI

    Tim is the Data Analytics Lead at Hesperia and the Innovation Lead at WA Data Science Innovation Hub (WADSIH). His work in Hesperia creates and manages sustainable projects and systems that solve pressing environmental, social, and economic problems through data analytics.Tim is the Data Analytics Lead at Hesperia and the Innovation Lead at WA Data Science Innovation Hub (WADSIH). His work in Hesperia creates and manages sustainable projects and systems that solve pressing environmental, social, and economic problems through data analytics.

  • Alice Tang
    Chief Operating Officer, MA Asset Management

    Session: Utilising cutting edge data analytics to maximise rental income

    Alice Tang is the Chief Operating Officer of MA Asset Management, an ASX listed diversified alternatives asset manager. MA’s Asset Under Management has grown from $3.5bn to $9.6bn during her 5 years tenure. Prior to MA Asset management, Alice was at the Macquarie Group for 16 years where she held senior leadership positions in investment, funds management and risk roles with the majority of her time spent in the real estate division.

    Her career highlights include:

    • Managing the technology transformation for 1200 global investment bankers and 30 locations through a Salesforce implementation
    • Driving value for global institutional investors in their investments in shopping centres in China

    She is currently on the UNSW Advisory Alumni Board. She completed an Accounting Co-Op at UNSW and she has also undertaken her MBA (Exec) with the AGSM and is a Fellow Chartered Accountant ANZ.

  • Katrina Tarrant
    Chief Executive Officer, NSW/ACT, Harcourts

    Session: PANEL DISCUSSION: What key tech innovations can be used to solve today’s residential real estate expectations and challenges?

    With a distinguished three-decade career in real estate, Katrina Tarrant stands at the forefront of the industry as the CEO of Harcourts NSW/ACT. Renowned for her innovative approach to leadership and her passion for fostering meaningful connections, Katrina's journey is marked by her unwavering commitment to transforming the real estate landscape through contemporary practices and thought leadership.

    Katrina's career is built upon a foundation of curiosity and a relentless pursuit of innovation. As a licensed real estate agent, she quickly ascended to become a sought-after industry speaker and thought leader, dedicating herself to sharing knowledge and insights that empower professionals and elevate the industry standard.

    At the heart of Katrina's philosophy lies the belief in the extraordinary power of the mundane; the daily interactions that shape the essence of the real estate business. For her, real estate transcends property transactions—it's a people business. Her approach emphasises the importance of understanding and valuing human connections, a principle that has guided her to monumental success.

    Holding a master’s degree in business with a focus on Innovation & Leadership, Katrina advocates for a revolutionary shift in leadership paradigms—championing character, collaboration, and the dynamic interplay between leaders, followers, and the broader environment as catalysts for meaningful change.

    Beyond her executive role, Katrina's influence extends to her position on the prestigious NSW Property Services Expert Panel, where she actively contributes to shaping the future of the industry. Her work promotes positive change, elevating standards and advocating for practices that benefit all stakeholders

  • Ranjani Vaidya
    Group General Manager, Digital Portfolio, Mirvac

    Session: PANEL DISCUSSION: How can you protect your proptech investment by successfully identifying, selecting, and implementing proptech?

    Ranjani Vaidya is the Group General Manager, Digital Portfolio at Mirvac. She has nearly 15 years in the high-change world of Financial Services, gained across enterprise level transformation, strategy, operations and finance roles within Australian and global top tier institutions, has shown her that the only way to remain competitive is to constantly innovate and transform.

    A diverse and strategic experience operating across markets, countries and industries, she has honed a skill in understanding, distilling and simplifying complexity, which she uses to create clarity during transformation.

  • Rustom Vickers
    Vice President, Head of Development, Blueground

    Session: ROUNDTABLE 5: Utilising transformative property management software to drive revenue optimisation, efficiency and customer service

    Rustom Vickers is Vice President, Head of Development for Blueground, a global proptech operator that is reinventing the way people live. With a portfolio of over 15,000 ‘move-in ready’ apartments in 30+ cities across 4 continents, Blueground's mission is to make people feel at home wherever they choose to live, in every global city.

    Rustom has a diversified background in hospitality & real estate, from operations to consulting and from real estate investment to growing hospitality platforms / chains.

    Previously he has been in Development roles for Choice, Hyatt, Dusit, EMAAR in addition to being a consultant with Horwath HTL & TRI Hospitality and with Four Seasons in operations. A graduate of Les Roches Hospitality Management School in Switzerland, Rustom furthered his education with an MBA from Bayes (formerly Cass) Business School in London.