Day Two



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Opening remarks from the Chair

Suzette Lamont
Regional Director, Client Solutions
CBRE Asia Pacific

Understanding how COVID-19 is impacting real estate

Responding to the COVID-19 crisis and leveraging PropTech to support a return to the workplace

Hear how Dexus are adapting to the way office space will be consumed in a post COVID world.

  • Interpreting how COVID-19 impact on the use of space and responding those demands
  • Implementing the technology that will support hygiene and safety: touchless entry, biometrics, clear air solutions

Mark Hansen
Chief Information Officer

Using operational data to improve the safety, comfort and operational needs of our living centres

Hear how operational data supports Scentre’s Next Generation Living centre strategy, improving the safety, comfort and operational needs of centres.

  • What is the Next Generation Living Centre Strategy?
  • Gathering real-time information on building systems and translating into measurable outcomes
  • Aligning corporate vision with a connected community

Varun Nair
Head of Facilities Management
Scentre Group

Phillip Yang
Head of Centre Technology 
Scentre Group

Leveraging specific technologies to increase efficiency and control

Can smart building technology investments pay for themselves by delivering energy savings, maintenance efficiencies and increased tenant experiences?
  • Decreasing building operation costs by automatically adjusting lighting, ventilation and temperatures based on the number of occupants and building usage patterns
  • Detecting building occupants’ locations, count, and movements and reconfiguring building layout for changing demand
  • Improving tenant satisfaction – how smart building tech can make workers are happier, healthier and more productive

Sven Sylvester
Corporate Innovation Lead | Investment Director 
Taronga Group

Take a break and connect with other attendees

PANEL DISCUSSION: How does implementing PropTech impact the bottom line?
  • Does enhancing the experience of building occupants translate to increased rents or occupancy?
  • How does increasing the performance and flexibility of the built environment pay off?
  • What are the specific ‘value-adds’ that tomorrow’s clients are going to be willing to pay more for?


Suzette Lamont
Regional Director, Client Solutions
CBRE Asia Pacific


Mark Hansen
Chief Information Officer

Varun Nair
Head of Facilities Management
Scentre Group

Leah Ong
Director of Real Estate 

Grant Fowler
Chief Executiver Officer

Jacopo De Simone
Solution Consultant

Thriving in a rapidly evolving Proptech world
  • Growth and exposure
  • Increased competition
  • Remaining focused
  • Where to next for Movinghub?

Michael Dornan
Group Chief Executive Officer

Meeting the future requirements of the connected customer/tenant

Ventures highlight - Intersection of finance and property technology: how real estate fintech could revolutionise the property sector
  • How prop-tech digitises pre-existing data to increase the speed and efficiency of mortgage processing and loan applications
  • Fundamentally changing real estate loans by reducing the complexity of transactions
  • Improving accuracy and creating a better customer experience

Todd Forest
Managing Director
NAB Ventures

Finding value in technology solutions, setting strategy, the vision and a roadmap for success
  • Meeting the need for flexibility and practicality
  • Meeting the expectations of the business, the users, clients and customers
  • Ensuring efficient, effective and business focused outcomes

Ben Veale
Partner, Head of Asset Management Services (Victoria)
Knight Frank Australia

How much access should “Big Brother” get?
  • What are the risks of recording and using data on customer behaviour and how should they be reduced?
  • Where does PropTech cross the line between gaining valuable business insights and invasion of privacy?
  • How can the real estate sector manage privacy issues in a free data exchange world?

Tomas Varsavsky
Chief Technology and Data Officer
REA Group

PropTech for parking in a post COVID-19 world: maximise revenue and provide modern experiences
  • COVID-19 impacted facilities utilisation and yields. How is the recovery going and will we ever bounce back to previous levels?
  • The transition to flexible working has been fast tracked. How does this impact the development and management of facilities in the future?
  • Organisations must prepare for unprecedented events. How can proptech enable rapid pivots?

Toby Littin
Chief Executive Officer

Closing remarks from the chair
End day two and PropTech Summit