2020 Partners

  • Moxtra
    Top Floor Partner

    In today's world, your business needs a digital branch where you deliver premiere service to your customers. Moxtra powers your OneStop Customer Portal – your digital branch, with continuous collaboration experiences, helping you retain and grow customers, manage your distributed organization, and lower your costs for doing business. Moxtra's Customer Collaboration Platform can power your branded OneStop Customer Portal as a fluid extension of your existing website, web or mobile app, or as a standalone web and mobile app.

    Moxtra has a heritage in collaboration tracing back to WebEx Communications. Moxtra's co-founder and CEO, Subrah Iyar, was the co-founder and CEO of WebEx Communications. Moxtra's co-founder and CTO, Stanley Huang was a senior director of engineering at both WebEx and Cisco Systems. Observing people using consumer services for business conversations, our founders were inspired to provide a solution built for business from the ground-up. This led to providing organizations with solutions to build and manage high touch digital channels to their customers, under their own brand, to address the needs of today's digital age.


  • DIVVY Parking
    Top Floor Partner
    DIVVY Parking

    DIVVY provides smarter technology solutions through the in-house development of exclusive access technologies, offering a seamless journey through all bookable assets.

    DIVVY’s application of market leading technology, both software and hardware, are tested in the field every month across 30,000 bookings and processing in excess of 45,000 transactions per month across more than 75 buildings and several open-air facilities.

    DIVVY is proud to be a 100 percent Australian owned company with a focus on environmentally responsible practices, a diverse and inclusive workplace, and the promotion of homegrown Australian technology and ideas.

  • Forbury
    Mezzanine Sponsor

    Forbury is the industry leading SaaS solution for commercial real estate appraisals ideal for arms-length valuation exercises, acquisition modelling and asset repositioning. Forbury’s intuitive Excel-based interface takes the pain out of valuation modelling, reduces the time to underwrite a deal and provides a secure workflow for confidential information.

    The Forbury team have recently launched Forbury Develop allowing the industry to “level-up” their feasibility modelling. For organisations which have ever reviewed a commercial property valuation from a major agency brand the chances are you already familiar with Forbury’s simple yet exhaustive outputs.


    Book some time to learn more: https://calendly.com/ashley-lane-forbury

  • MRI Software
    Mezzanine Partner
    MRI Software

    MRI Software is the leading provider of real estate and property management software in ANZ. MRI’s comprehensive and flexible PropTech platform coupled with an open and connected ecosystem meets the unique needs of these businesses – from building-level management and accounting to investment modeling and analytics for the global commercial and residential markets.

    Through leading solutions and a rich partner ecosystem, MRI gives organizations the freedom to transform the way communities live, work and play while elevating their business and gaining a competitive edge.

    For more information, please visit mrisoftware.com/au

  • Movinghub
    Penthouse Sponsor

    Movinghub is a global leader in organising utility connections and home services during the moving home process. Currently in AU, NZ, USA and the UK, the product suite allows companies to introduce added value to their customer experience at no additional cost, and under their own brand.

    Movinghub continues to integrate into many global software platforms enabling businesses to create unique customer experiences while making the process to refer customers to Movinghub's Movologists or digital sign up simple.

  • Parkable
    Top Floor Partner

    Parkable was founded with an ambitious goal: to make parking easy and stress-free, while ensuring that businesses and communities make the best use of their space.Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: parking is a constant headache, not only for parkers but for administrators, HR, finance managers, and sustainability managers.Parkable for Business provides a solution. Using our intuitive app, businesses and organisations enhance staff engagement, reduce carbon footprints, minimise time spent on admin, and optimise asset use.

  • Cirrus8
    Elevator Partner

    Cirrus8 is a new generation cloud-based software solution for the commercial real estate industry. It leverages the very latest in browser-based open API software architecture to create an easy to use, but powerful technology platform.

    Using the latest in AI automated processing, Cirrus8 is able to create huge cost savings and enhance user experiences, by simplifying once laborious work practices and building great workflow efficiencies.

    Built by commercial property management specialists with decades of coal face experience, the system reduces those common pain points and allows commercial property professionals to concentrate on higher value work within their businesses.

    For more information visit https://cirrus8.com.au/

    Ground Floor Partner

    DSRUPT was founded in 2018. With a direct focus on bridging the GAP between today’s Built Environment and Sustainable Operations of hard assets. We all have heard the terms Smart Buildings, IOT (Internet of Things), Digital Disruption and Prop-Tech.

    We at DSRUPT have immersed ourselves in this cutting edge technology and delivering it to our clients in a meaningful way. Our team are dedicated to disrupting the buildings industry and creating a legacy for our generations to come.

    It’s time to stop being Reactive and start being Strategic!

  • PropTech BNE
    Supporting association
    PropTech BNE

    Proptech BNE. exists to support the development of the proptech community here in Brisbane and Southeast Queensland.

    Proptech BNE. will focus on supporting all aspects of the property technology sector from Residential Real Estate to Construction and everything in between by being a centralised platform for promotional activities for the sector, facilitating industry connections, and regular events.

    Proptech BNE. aims to work with any and all parties looking to support this growing sector and does not exist to promote the individual agendas of government, corporates or VC's rather it highlights opportunities for the proptech community.

  • Malaysia Proptech Association
    Supporting partner
    Malaysia Proptech Association

    The Malaysia Proptech Association represent and promote the interests of all those that form part of the PropTech ecosystem - PropTech companies, property & real estate companies, PropTech investors and Professional Service providers.

    We work with government, regulatory bodies, industry stakeholders and leaders to overcome barriers to PropTech growth and provide opportunities to our members.

    Our Mission is to support a sustainable PropTech market and to create a positive impact on the Malaysian living environment and beyond.