• UbiPark
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    UbiPark was founded in 2013 by Mosstyn Howell, a highly experienced parking industry executive and board member of Parking Australia. Mosstyn’s vision for improved motorist convenience came to fruition with the launch of the UbiPark Smartphone app in November 2015. This was followed in 2016 by inclusion of over 7,000 easily searchable Australian car park facilities and access to detailed metrics for car park operators.

    The continuous focus on improving the parking experience for motorists, saw the release of UbiPark Access in 2017, and the introduction of live on-street parking bay availability in April 2018.

    Mid 2018 will see the introduction of UbiPay, an in-app payments solution, that will pave the way for motorists to enjoy a true windows up solution – enter, exit, pay. The feature will also streamline payment management for car park operators.

  • Groundfloor™
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    Groundfloor™ is a Melbourne-based proptech company with an elegant solution for solving frustrating parcel delivery, storage, and collection processes in high-density buildings. We provide the software, smart lockers, and database solution for automating parcel management in every building. Designed specifically for the Australian market, Groundfloor™ systems accept deliveries from any delivery company and ensure optimal efficiency and 24/7 convenience for everyone.

    Groundfloor™ is currently revolutionising the way Melbourne’s apartment buildings, commercial offices, and student residences manage their parcels and is expanding into Queensland and NSW.

  • Sine
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    Sine is a workplace SaaS platform making it easy to check-in visitors, contractors, staff and deliveries across your operation, using their smart phone, an iPad or the web.  Create and publish online workflows for any process: permits, inductions, incidents. Enhance security within a facility by enabling Face Check and Watch lists.

  • Parkable
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    Parkable was founded with an ambitious goal: to make parking easy and stress-free, while ensuring that businesses and communities make the best use of their space.Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: parking is a constant headache, not only for parkers but for administrators, HR, finance managers, and sustainability managers.Parkable for Business provides a solution. Using our intuitive app, businesses and organisations enhance staff engagement, reduce carbon footprints, minimise time spent on admin, and optimise asset use.

  • Skyfii
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    Skyfii helps physical venues measure, predict, and influence customer behavior. As the world’s most trusted omnidata intelligence company, Skyfii analyzes billions of data points each month, through the provision of its enterprise-grade analytics platform alongside data science and marketing services.  Skyfii (ASX:SKF) aims to responsibly use technology to positively affect relationships between people and the places they visit.

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  • Property Exchange Australia (PEXA)
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    Property Exchange Australia (PEXA)

    Property Exchange Australia (PEXA) has digitised the way people buy and sell property. In collaboration with lenders, legal practitioners, land registries and the extended industry, PEXA offers an electronic solution to facilitating property settlements. Currently, over 2.3 million transactions and more than $439 billion worth of settlement value has been processed on PEXA, with uptake continuing to increase across the nation. Via the online platform, documents can be lodged with Land Registries, and depending on the financial institution, sellers can have access to cleared funds within minutes of a settlement. PEXA is the faster, more efficient and safer way of transacting property.

  • Phoria
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    PHORIA is a world leading immersive tech studio that specialises in cutting-edge Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality (VR/AR/MR/XR) technology.

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  • LeaseEagle
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    Since 2005 LeaseEagle has been a leading provider of real estate management solutions for retail and corporate tenants.

    In 2019, trusted by some of Australia’s best known companies, LeaseEagle is relied upon for more than 30,000 leases in over fifty countries.

    As an advanced cloud solution LeaseEagle also takes a user-centric approach to product innovation, focused on delivering its Customers broadly functioned software which is highly intuitive and easy-to-adopt for Users.

    Following the release of its new IFRS16 lease accounting module in 2018 LeaseEagle has experienced an incredibly strong period of growth both domestically and internationally.

  • Rental Heroes
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    Rental Heroes

    Rental Heroes creates brilliant rental experiences by removing communication bottlenecks and enabling instant decisions.

    Our AI-powered Smart Assistant automates 91% of the interactions related to maintenance requests, saving Property Managers on average 14 hours per week. Users interact via their channel of choice (including Messenger, SMS, voice) removing the need to download an app.

    Tenants (residential and commercial) enjoy a simple natural language interface for logging jobs. They are kept informed via notifications, in their preferred channel, as the job resolution progresses. Property Managers receive fewer requests due to tenants being provided with self-help options.

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  • Cirrus8
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    Cirrus8 is a new generation cloud-based software solution for the commercial real estate industry. It leverages the very latest in browser-based open API software architecture to create an easy to use, but powerful technology platform.

    Using the latest in AI automated processing, Cirrus8 is able to create huge cost savings and enhance user experiences, by simplifying once laborious work practices and building great workflow efficiencies.

    Built by commercial property management specialists with decades of coal face experience, the system reduces those common pain points and allows commercial property professionals to concentrate on higher value work within their businesses.

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