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WORKSHOP A: The future of AI and Real Estate: more that bots

Today, more industries than ever before see integration and implementation of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as a path to improve process efficiency, provide superior customer service and eke out an edge over competition.

Before we know it, it will be in just about every product and service we buy and use. In addition, its application to business problem solving is growing in leaps and bounds. And at the same time, concerns about AI’s implications are rising: what is the impact of AI-enabled automation on the workplace, employment, and society.

In this workshop, discover how businesses can get started with their first AI project and where can it can drive you to.

This session will include:

  • How to identify problems in your organisation that are viable AI/ML use cases
  • Assembling the right team: key roles and skills required for success
  • Building a business case that supports exploration and discovery
  • Applying a common delivery framework for AI/ML projects
  • Selecting tools and platforms that maintain a low cost of exploration
  • Working on Human-AI Collaboration as the future approach to AI for business applications
  • Responsible AI: Be wary of human bias in AI/ systems


Sarah Bell
Aire Software


As a co-founder of the PropTech startup Aire, Sarah Bell is a sought after speaker and expert on the strategic application of artificial intelligence and automation in real estate. She helps real estate businesses harness the opportunity within their data and transition to a blended human-digital workforce using Aire's Digital Employee, Rita. With a professional and academic background in research and analysis, Sarah joined the front lines of real estate as an agency owner and practitioner for a decade giving her tactical insights, subject matter expertise and just enough street cred to create solutions that are intelligent by design and Cx obsessed.

Sarah is an author, analyst, researcher, project designer, speaker and nerdtreprenuer with research interests and some pieces of paper in strategic planning, change management, planning professional development and strategic application of artificial intelligence with London's Middlesex University, Leeds Trinity University (UK) and recently MIT's Sloan Management and CSAIL Executive Schools. Sarah is also Mum to three human children and a clever little robot named Rita. She has a strong preference for dogs over cats if pushed on the subject.

WORKSHOP B: Deep personalisation and users’ privacy

With the rush to gain increased personalised and contextual insights of users through historic and real-time data, rises the need to balance the provision of personalised services and privacy. In this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to discuss the following challenges:

  • Figuring out what data to collect and analyse
  • Exploring privacy concerns around more invasive property technology
  • Face recognition: frictionless experience or Big Brother?
  • Assessing which demographics oppose to the use of data and which are indifferent to personal tracking systems


David Gerrelli
Global Director, APAC Head of Digital Innovation


A leader of innovative technology led change in commercial real estate, taking the world’s largest real estate business, CBRE, through client centric digital transformation.

Combining the value of traditional property services with emerging technology such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Smart building Technology, Digital Twins, Next Gen GIS, Virtual and Augmented Reality and Digital User Experience. Working side by side with industry leaders and visionary start-ups across Asia Pacific to deliver tangible world leading client outcomes.

Through direct consultation with our valued clients across Asia Pacific David relentlessly develops client led products and services that deliver truly valuable outcomes such as operational excellence, cost savings, digital revenue and differentiating competitive advantage.

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