Pre-conference Workshops: Tuesday 22 February


Registration and morning coffee for all sessions is at 08:30 and sessions will conclude at 17:00. Lunch, morning and afternoon tea are provided.

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Workshop A: Pricing for Proptechs
How to choose the right model, price profitably, and communicate to win, keep, and grow clients

Ensure your pricing does not leave money on the table. This workshop will help you understand value, and understand your customers using both behavioural science and your data, so you can price strategically and profitably.

Choosing a pricing model
  • Variables every business must consider: customers, costs, and competition
  • Using market segmentation to define which pricing model is most appropriate
Now you’ve found a model – how much should you actually be charging?
  • Defining a pricing strategy: cost-plus pricing, competitor-based pricing, or value-based pricing?
  • Finding your absolute lower bound for pricing: the part costs play
  • Benchmarking competition to make sure you're in the same ballpark
  • Behavioural insights, trends, and price sensitivity
Morning tea
Introduction to the subscription business model
  • What companies get wrong about subscription pricing
  • How to avoid over- or under-pricing products/services
  • Updating pricing as your product or service improves over time
  • Pricing as one of the most important levers for revenue growth
lunch break
Analysing the benefits and drawbacks of common subscription pricing models:
  • Fixed / flat-rate pricing model
  • Per unit/user model
  • Value-based model
Afternoon tea
Figuring out what customers will actually pay for your product
  • Dedicating time and resources to finding out more about your customers and your product to properly understand the value you provide (Van Westendorp, Conjoint analysis)
  • Strategies to enhance your pricing using three revenue buckets (Win, Keep, & Grow): freemium, upselling and cross-selling, and tiered packages
  • Achieving subscription pricing nirvana: a pricing strategy that maximises your chances of profitability and sustainability
End of in-depth learning session

Eva Feenstra
Simon-Kucher & Partners

Workshop B: Strategic integration of technology for commercial real estate

For many CRE industry leaders, the pandemic has been an eye-opener. It has heightened the need for—and pace of—digital transformation. This workshop will take C-suite developers and property managers through the process of strategically managing the integration of proptech to increase the value to tenants and effectiveness of the spaces they lease.

Creating defined digital transformation road map
  • Assessing digital maturity by reviewing existing capabilities- evaluating the maturity level of technology usage for managing operations, elevating tenant experience, and developing tech talent
  • Ensuring digital strategy that focuses on technologies and initiatives that deliver strategic value
morning tea
Identifying the technologies which will provide tangible benefits that will offer greater returns on your property investment
  • Ensuring open architecture that easily integrates with legacy business systems
  • Future-proofing your investment to allow continued integration of new technology
lunch break
Ensuring the transformation team has the right talent and governance structure to implement the digital solutions
  • Focussing on effectively managing transformation programs and encouraging innovation
  • Leveraging cloud-based tools for digital marketing and to connect virtually with tenants to build a digital tenant experience
  • Enhancing resilience by doubling down on cybersecurity and data privacy investments
Afternoon tea
Framing the execution plan to work on key initiatives for digital transformation
  • Implementing various technologies and data analytics to yield meaningful results for your business AND tenants
  • Strategic partnerships/collaborations with technology providers or proptechs
  • Minimising disruption to existing tenants and communicating the benefits of the technology to existing and potential occupants
End of in-depth learning session

David Hagger
Real Estate Sector Leader
Deloitte Australia