Pre-conference Masterclasses: Tuesday 2 May


Each pre-conference masterclass provides attendees with morning and afternoon tea breaks and a 1-hour lunch, allowing for extra networking and personalised/interactive in-depth learning.

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Masterclass A: How to use proptech to optimise data-driven operations

This 1-day Masterclass is specifically designed for commercial real estate professionals looking to harness the power of data in their operations. Through interactive sessions and expert-led discussions, attendees will learn how to leverage proptech to make data-driven decisions that improve performance, increase efficiency, and drive revenue.

By completing this masterclass you will:

• Understand the key proptech tools and platforms that can help you collect, analyse and utilise data
• Discover how to use data to optimise property performance, reduce costs, and increase revenue
• Learn how to use data to improve tenant engagement and satisfaction
• Understand how data can help in forecasting and budgeting for future operations
• Learn how to use data to make informed decisions about property acquisition and disposition
• Understand how you can use data to support and enhance retrofitting of existing buildings to ensure they're ESG-compliant and tenant-friendly

By the end of this masterclass, attendees will have a solid understanding of the power of data in commercial operations and the tools and techniques they need to use it effectively.

You will be able to make informed decisions, optimise property performance, and drive revenue with the help of proptech. Furthermore, you will be able to make your buildings more ESG-compliant and tenant-friendly with the help of data.

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Masterclass B: Strategic Integration of Technology for Commercial Real Estate

The commercial real estate industry has rapidly changed in recent years with the pandemic accelerating the need for digital transformation. This Masterclass is designed to help executives, managers and leaders from developers and property managers understand how to strategically integrate proptech to increase their properties' value and improve their spaces' effectiveness.

Throughout the masterclass attendees will learn how to:

• Create a defined digital transformation roadmap
• Identify technologies that will provide tangible benefits and greater returns on property investment
• Ensure that the transformation team has the right talent and governance structure to implement digital solutions
• Frame an execution plan to work on key initiatives for digital transformation

By the end of this masterclass attendees will clearly understand how to integrate technology into their commercial real estate strategies, giving them the tools to increase the value of their properties and improve the effectiveness of their spaces.

You will be able to take the knowledge and skills you gain back to your office to implement effective digital solutions for your properties and tenants.

Masterclass B Adjourns